INITA's rooms: Recording area: 20 sqm. Control room: 25 sqm.


Inita's equipment has been specified to excel in...

Composing and recording system:

Soundscape R.Ed32 hard disk recorder
Steinberg CubaseSX system
Yamaha DM1000 48-channel digital mixer

Microphones, monitoring:

Neumann (e.g. M-149), DPA, AKG and Shure mics, EHX ribbon mic
Soffit mounted VoxVeronique main monitors
VoxVeronique surround speaker system

Instruments, outboard:

9-piece Pearl drumset with rack, R.I.M.S. suspension, 11 Zildjian cymbals

Yamaha CP33 digital piano
Roland Juno-2 + PG300

Aphex 230 MasterVoiceChannel
SPL Charisma
Lexicon MX440XL
Roland SRV3030D
Behringer ADA-8000